I managed to lie down,

straining my knee joints in order to be as decorous as possible. Eventually I
got a bit bored and a little more daring, and determined to get in the hot tub
and attempt having a conversation with a complete stranger while naked. The young
man, I reasoned afterwards, was either a gigolo-in-training or had missed his
calling. He was gentle and good natured, low key, discretely aware of my
awkwardness and the opportunity to help. The finest thing he did was illustrate
that it was really ok to bend over. He declared that the hot tub was too hot,
fetched some buckets and dipped water from the pool to cool it, while easily
bending, squatting or stooping as essential. Which that two-year-old in the
playgound knew and I had completely forgotten. The second nicest thing he did
was give me my first massage and then let me reciprocate. Without a suggestion of
sexual invitation. He let me be in control of what he saw was my first fkk
experience, and by instinctively following my own inclinations without censure,
it was nothing less than only what I needed.
The entire weekend was as
delightful and all-around-awareness-building as that first afternoon. I can not
say it was just mind-opening, because it was substantially more than conscious
Knowledge that was enlarged. I wish I had kept a diary. As it was, I managed
to organize a month away from work and returned that summer, the summer of ’82,
for a complete massage lessons. During this time I was completely and alone
physical and societal. I used ton’t read one novel. I used ton’t view a computer or a TV. I
did dishes for fun. I slept on the floor in a huge hall with 30 other snoring,
farting individuals, and I slept like a baby.
We massaged each other all
day five days a week under supervision and tried nighttime and weekends,
with feathers and beards! And we played. In the sun, on the lawn, between the
trees, in the creek, in the pool, in the shower after a food fight. We loved and
laughed as kids do before they learn fear. I played as if I had never understood
teen girl beach . I relearned trust and unlearned the differences between women and men and

boys and girls. Additionally , I wept and grieved and others wept with me. And every
tear of sorrow was joyous and wonderful. To cry for death would be to weep for life. I
had been grieving for passing before I knew what it was to be totally living. Maybe
because of that.
One of the folks I played
with, on a deeper and more intimate degree, was Chuck, the man I married three
weeks later (yes, weeks), and have been married to for over fourteen years. We
spend every winter with other naked people since he retired. I wish we still were
Connected with Getting In Touch, which was a truly remarkable area. But we do
have the memories. I still write computer programs, but just for fun, and I now
read doctrine with exactly the same focus I once gave to specialized manuals.
I suppose it all started as a kid,
although I wasn’t aware of it at that time.
I understood nothing of naturism then, but I do understand that I loved to take my clothes
of in open spaces,
and around the home when nobody was in.
I was instructed nudity is WRONG except in private, ie. bathroom or
bedroom with the door shut.
I used to
Reside on the outskirts of a town on the south shore of England, behind our dwelling
was open fields,
and common land covered with various bushes and ferns, there was also a stream
and an old disused
clay quarry which had many lakes and pools.
It was here
that I first experience the feel of the sunlight, wind and rain on my nude body, and
Yes I understand we have all been there, the skinny dipping bunch, but it was not only
that for me.
I went out of my way to get away from the other lads so I could strip off and
Appreciate nudity,
not for a laugh, but because I believed it was right. I ‘d lay there and love
the sounds of nature around me,
standing in the stream or sitting in it and feeling the cool water flowing
around my body.
http://nudistsplace.com/first-time-nudist-stories/now-this-is-an-experience-still-gives-me-nightmares-up-to-this-day/ ‘d simply sit and watch as other creatures moved around in the bushes and open
or I ‘d go running through the ferns, increase trees.
I ‘d have the opportunity to camp out over night, what fun that was, and if I was
on my own it was better,
I’d lay in the open by a camp fire naked, and on a clear night merely look up
at the stars, how lovely it felt,
the heat from the dancing flames of the fire, on my naked body, just to be
cooled by the peculiar breeze of wind.
as soon as I began to compose
this page I realized that it really had nothing to do with Naturism/Nudism,
but there again it’s a part of my life, and part of the procedure by which I
became a Naturist.
So if you believe it’s no place here then I can only apologies as I believe it
As I entered my mid-teens I found that other distractions took me away from my
earlier pastimes.
Leaving school and finding work, and starting to get involved in other teenage
Tasks, i.e. clubs, drink, girls,
and of course the dreaded word sex. My feeling for nudity were still there, but
the change in lifestyle,